Marketing Operations

Efficiency, Agility, Scalability & Growth 

CORE VALUES OR EXPERTISE Luxury Resorts and Touring Companies Benefit from Marketing Operations

At Sherpera, we firmly believe in the power and transformative impact of marketing operations. By optimizing processes, streamlining workflows, and leveraging advanced technologies, we enable organizations to achieve operational excellence. 

When done well, we’ve seen marketing operations deliver a 15% to 25% improvement in marketing effectiveness, as measured by return on investment and customer engagement metrics.

Can you imagine a 15% to 25% Improvement?!! We leverage our two decades of experience and expertise to assist businesses and empower them to unlock the full potential of their marketing machinery. 


Research, Planning & Strategy

Unlock your much-deserved success by relying on research, planning, and strategy in marketing operations. These pillars drive efficiency, innovation, and growth


Process Management

The backbone of efficient operations, streamlining workflows and ensuring every task aligns with organizational goals.


People & Partner Management

Cultivate strong relationships, foster collaboration, and optimize roles for a cohesive and successful team


Project Management

Meticulous planning, efficient execution, and diligent evaluation ensure that goals are met and projects are successful.


Campaign Management

Streamline marketing campaigns, from planning to execution, to maximize efficiency and ROI


Benchmarking & Performance

Elevate marketing performance through benchmarking and meticulous campaign management, ensuring data-driven success


SIMPLE RULES TO LIVE BYMarketing Operations KPIs

Measure it to Manage It

Understanding the underlying performance metrics of your marketing operation will enable you to manage better how marketing serves the company. These KPIs are like the gauges on the dashboard of your car. You need to know how fast you're going and how the engine and components of the car are performing. The same is true in marketing.

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